Thursday, October 04, 2007

Does Anyone Really Go To Hell Forever?

There's another great post over at Old Truth, based on an email Jim received. A good discussion is sure to follow!

Caveat: I don't think this is the best example of "productive conversation". Most any time I see someone raise a question like the one posted at Old Truth, it tends to be another person trying to start an online debate, not someone earnestly seeking the truth.

The gentleman's need is not an understanding that hell is real. If he dies unsaved tonight, he'll be convinced hell is real. What needs to be made clear is his state before God. The law needs to be used to unlock the law written in his heart, so that conviction of sin may result and repentance be produced. However, I provide this as a post for the purpose of illustration.

Please pray for the guy. He needs the gospel straight and clear, not an armchair discussion on the reality of eternal punishment.

Jim at Old Truth has closed commenting on the thread I've linked to here. As expected, it appears to have garnered nothing but information as to how wasteful it is to try to convince a cultist against his will. However, it also shows how completely outlandish their apologetics can be (and usually are).


Jim from said...

Agreed. Hopefully we can get him to answer some of the basic questions related to himself and the Law. He's clearly trying to find a way out of what the bible clearly teaches. Thanks for your input Tim.

Tim Brown said...

Well, he couldn't answer questions that weren't asked of him, so I just posted a comment in the midst of the thread to ask him some key questions. It's not showing yet, but I suspect it'll be there shortly.

One has to wonder how much of a burden for the lost all the "theologians" feel. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is his understanding of his true self before a Holy God.

It's what the Puritans would do.