Saturday, October 11, 2008

TV Ad Features Obama Mocking the Bible

Remember now, Obama says he's a Christian. So that means he must be one, right? Never mind that Louis Farrakhan says he is the Messiah, which would open him up to Islamic Blasphemy charges if he's not referring to the Muslim Messiah.

Now, as I've posted before, I'm not putting a label of "AntiChrist" on Obama. Only the Lord will know until he is revealed openly to the world. But if Farrakhan is "right" about Obama, that he is the long awaited Muslim "messiah", then it follows that the converse label fits.

Just want to get that straight.

Anyway, back to the subject. Nothing like a "Christian" mocking the Bible, huh?

If you still believe Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim, I'd suggest you cut down on the drinking. . ..


Anonymous said...

So does this mean that Obama is anti-Christ? How is it that picture of Obama with terrorist are not in the media? Oh I forgot!! The media is liberal!


Tim Brown said...

What is sadder to me is the main point I was making here which is that so many out there just take a claim to Christianity at face value.

The term "Christian" has come to include anyone and therefore means nothing. And to draw lines draws ridicule. Yet the lines are to be drawn.

My wife and I are going through 1 John together on a weekly basis. She appreciates the epistle more now, I think, because it draws such a line of distinction between those who Possess Christ and those who merely Profess Christ -- whether they are being deceptive in their profession or are falsely assured.

Again, I'm not saying "Obama is the AntiChrist". But I am drawing a logical deduction based on the assumption that Farrakhan is indeed pointing to the actual "messiah" that Islam is expecting "soon".
It's kind of surreal how Islam is expecting their "messiah" soon even as we look for the Rapture, followed by the appearing of the AntiChrist. Given all the political / economic and spiritual movement to unity, this is one more indicator that the end of the age may be nearer than we've been thinking.

Back to your point. I would say that Obama is at least part of the "spirit of AntiChrist". Going further than that, while tempting, is not generally wise. Too many times people have gone there with the likes of J.F.K, Hitler, etc. and looked very foolish later.

In any case, we aren't looking for Antichrist, we're looking for Christ!