Thursday, October 09, 2008

Not a Flip Flop, Just Flipping a Flop

I like that title. It caught your attention, didn't it? And it makes a point by turning a phrase.

I've been (reluctantly) supporting McCain and Palin. Actually, I was a Republican looking for home until Palin came along. And for a while, there was hope.

But like so many, I'm becoming disenchanted with McCain. I still like Palin. As a matter of fact, I'd prefer it if she were on the top of the ticket. But that isn't likely to happen, as much as many I have heard from would prefer it to be that way.

With the recent "financial crisis" which was allowed to happen, we have a socialist running as a Democrat (taxing the wealthy and redistributing wealth is a socialist policy) and a socialist lite running as republican. This was proven to me when the $700 million dollar bailout plan was passed by both these jokers while congress, at the time, was reporting that 9 out of 10 calls were in protest of any bailout.

But of course, we American citizens know nothing, do we? Oh well.

In any event, the American electorate is still stymied by the lack of real difference between Obama and McCain. And I have been one of them. Both are globalists. Both support NAFTA and all that goes with it.

Then I began hearing of another candidate. Not a republican or democrat. There was Ron Paul. Because of the "Palin Factor" I didn't pay too much attention. But because of the bailout that "Maverick" McCain supported, I've been doing some rethinking. And I have done some looking around.

Did you know that Sarah Palin had a very positive view of Ron Paul? She does.

But you say "Ron Paul isn't running any more. Tough luck!" And no he isn't. But he did throw his support behind someone else who is. And his name is Chuck Baldwin, who is running on the Constitutional Party.

Never heard of him? Lou Dobbs has. Here's a clip of Baldwin on CNN.

Baldwin is looking good to me. Really good.

Now, you say "If you vote for a third party, you have thrown away your vote because he has no chance of winning".

Well, while I live in Illiniois I don't root for the Cubs because they just don't seem to have the will to win. And I'm feeling the same way about McCain. That is the negative side. And if we take the "wasting your vote" argument to its logical conclusion, than a vote for McCain, in my mind, would have to be considered a wasted vote given how things look this late in the election.

But I don't buy the "wasted vote" argument. No vote is a wasted vote if you are voting according to your conscience. And I'm starting to believe that my conscience is best served by some one like Chuck Baldwin.

Now, I've heard many say we should vote for Baldwin because he is a Christian. As a matter of fact, he is a Baptist pastor. But that isn't my reason for leaning in his direction. He just seems to best represent my views. Besides, We've had lots of candidates claim to be Christians but demonstrate to sign of conversion. And of course, we have one candidate now who talks about his Mus- err, Christian faith.

But if you want to hear Chuck Baldwin preach, I think you'll hear some good things. No, I haven't listened to him extensively but then I've just recently heard of him.

You'll get a good introduction to him here.

You like Palin? So do I. So much so that I was going to vote for McCain to get Palin in there. I'd prefer the two switch ticket positions. Don't think that's going to happen.

Obama the socialist? No. No way. He can keep the change.
McCain the socialist lite? No. But at least he's pro-life and has a firm pro-life running mate. Better him than Obama. Besides, that gives Palin four years to prepare to run in 2012.

But if McCain doesn't appear to have the will to really do what it takes to win, what's the point of rooting for the "political cubs"?

So, I'm doing some rethinking on this while, hopefully, McCain does a little thinking about holding a roll of quarters in his verbal fist at the next debate.

Maybe you'd be interested in looking Baldwin over as well.

Vote now, vote often (you know, the A.C.O.R.N. way), but vote your conscience!

Keep an eye on this post, I may be adding more material.

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