Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yes, We Have A Winner! (The Contest)

Remember last Tuesday? We had a contest?

Well, we have a winner!

The question was "Specifically what is in the jar in the picture?"

While it would have been nice to have a few more participants, I was still surprised (although I suppose I shouldn't have been) that we had a winner in so short a time.

JFranklin6 tried, but it was a swing and a miss. He submitted "It's a tree branch". Well, it is part of a tree, but not a branch...and even then that wasn't specific enough.

Sorry, but that one fell short.

Stella went for broke and guessed "an insect?". Sorry. Maybe there was one in there, I don't see it. I was starting to sweat things a bit when I read that one...

Reformedlawless made a valiant effort with "Tree Bark Tea". Well...that's just not what you see in the jar...Although he was headed in the right direction. He just missed his "turn-off". But he is our runner-up. And, we'll give him credit for being a visionary.

Finally, it was Karen (RoseAndTea) who correctly answered the question...And those of you in the south may have noticed from the pinkish-orangeish wood tone that it is...


Yes, it's that delectable, delightful, delicious and delovely deciduous gift from God, the roots (yes roots, I say!) of which are harvested and ever-so-lightly boiled for a whole half hour to give us that wonderful, root beer aroma, which in its liquid form we do sip slowly and drink deeply...

So, it is my honor to inform you, Karen, that you -- yes, YOU -- are the winner of the contest. And, as the winner, you will be the recipient of 100 "Way Of The Master" tracts from my tract box. I'll try to make it an assortment of each type. However, if you have a preference (and I have what you ask for) I can customize the assortment for you.

And, ReformedLawless, as runner-up, I've decided that your answer was so close that you qualify for a stack of 50. Good enough?

So, if ya'll would send me your addresses to me via email (address available in profile), I'd be more than happy to box these up and ship them off.

Congratulations to our Karen and our runner-up, ReformedLawless.

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Tim Brown said...

ReformedLawless did send a comment, but somehow it didn't get posted here. It's early so I could have messed it up.

Here's what he said:

Tim, you are kind. I assure they will not last long here in West Texas. I have got to give the sassafras a try. Sounds good. I appreciate your blog. I visit it often.

God Bless Brother,


Thanks Bill. I've got 2 more pounds of the stuff coming today or tomorrow. I'll see about sending you some.

Be sure to email your address to me...