Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Of Emergent and Giant Remote Controls

Although I have a degree in computer science, I work in the health care industry. Most recently, I have become self-employed, doing private, in-home care for a friend's grandmother. And the Lord has been financially gracious to me and my wife as a result.

This morning, as I sat with "granny" after her breakfast, I noticed one of those very large (Giant) universal remote controls (yes, just like the one in the picture). It was still in the packaging. It needed to be set up, so I opened it.

After putting the batteries in it, I knew I had to set the thing up to be able to communicate with the television. The "autodetect" function never works on these things, so I set about looking for the manual to find out how to get the TV code entered so this dear woman could use it.

Mind you, these things are made large because the presupposition is that you have a problem seeing small things. So, please understand my amazement when I found the entire "manual" to be contained in a booklet that is perhaps 1.5 inches by 2 inches and print so small that even my bifocals (Yes, I wear bifocals) didn't help...much.

Here is this product that professes to be a solution to a problem, yet when you try to learn how it "works", you can't get much more than gibberish from the manual!

Then it dawned on me:

Welcome to the Emergent Church!

Emergent makes big claims to be the solution to traditional Christianity. Indeed, its' proposition is that it is a return to genuine Christianity. . .but when you want to know "how it works", all you get is gibberish! I've seen it, you've seen it. It's like nailing jello to the wall. They say something, you catch the error, then the backpedaling begins. Then you catch the next error, and the backpedaling repeats.

Yup, they look big. The tout themselves as the next big, great thing. They claim to be a return to First Century Christianity.

But they have nothing to say. No details on how it works, nothing. So forget a "manual", because I doubt that even they know how it is supposed to work.

The emergent church and Granny's shiny new giant remote control. They both look big but they are equally useless.

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Jeff Greathouse said...

I will not call it useless, but that will not shock you. I imagine that there were a lot of people who thought the "reformationist" in 1520 was useless and they have made a pretty big impact.