Saturday, January 05, 2008

Evangelicals Rebuke NAE Leaders over Islam Letter

From the Christian Research Network:

"Some prominent evangelical leaders [who] are criticizing the heads of the National Association of Evangelicals for signing a letter to Muslim leaders containing controversial language.

The critical leaders include Dr. Albert Mohler, Gary Bauer, and Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo who voiced opposition to the apology in the letter for the sins of Christians during the Crusades and for “excesses” of the global war on terror, without mentioning Muslim acts of violence..."

Note: NAE President Leith Anderson was asked why he signed the document. His response? "...“There simply was not an easy way to process the complexities of this inter-faith communiqué on short notice." That was preceded by another statement of his which amounts to "Someone who knows more than I do about Islam told me I should do it."

Yeah, that's leadership....

Leith? Let me give you three words..."Just Say No".

Here's a link to the original article at the Christian Post...


reformedlawless said...

Good find. It would appear that Mr. Anderson has some major theological problems. Just how much do you need to know about Islam to know this was a bad letter to be associated with. He certainly is not a leader but more a puppet.

Jeff said...

Tim, thank you for highlighting this important issue. I'm afraid it simply sailed over the heads of most people in the pews of most churches. But this is no time for the true church to compromise with false religions. May God keep us all faithful to Him and to the truth of His Son Jesus Christ in this difficult hour