Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wonderful McEvangelism!

Yes, I'm serious! Deadly serious!

Today was a great day for reaching out to the lost. A good friend and I were at the local McDonald's. I was working on my laptop, creating a WOTM / Biblical evangelism slide show. Then came a bus. At least a dozen college students came in, mostly guys. Since Brian and I were sitting under the wall mounted TV (as usual) we also had plenty of seats left where we were sitting. So we invited them to use some of our "space". They took us up on it.

We found out they were traveling back to the University of Illinois campus. Brian, who was quick to walk through the open door he saw, asked them if, as college students, they would be willing to take an "intelligence test". They said "sure!".

I happened to have a stack of the tests. Brian picked one off the pad and began leading them through the questions. They had a great time and got a clear presentation of the gospel! They all took some tracts with them and even shook our hands and thanked us for speaking with them!

We had a great time, as did they. After they left, we were thankful for the opportunity and that the Lord had helped us to be obedient to Him. And, we thought of them passing those tracts around on the bus!

Do you go out of your way to share the Gospel with the unsaved? Do you really believe that people die and go to hell forever?

In these dark days, it behooves us to get our eyes away from what the devil is doing and what the Lord wants us to do.

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Anonymous said...

Amen!! It was such a "high" to know that we not only talked to those dozen or so young adults but to know that the men and women with them were listening as well as others in the restaurant. Looks like we were able to share the gospel with at least 20 people yesterday!!! To God goes the glory!
Brian C