Monday, August 20, 2007

Are You Available?

Got your attention? I hope so!

As I learn to relax and see God work, I'm finding that personal evangelism is easy. Nothing to fear, really, (at least nothing violent). And all it takes is "being available".

No, I don't mean "friendship evangelism" where you never really give someone the gospel, but rather being available in a conspicuous sort of way.

Lately, a good friend and brother in Christ and I have been hanging out at the local McDonald's. We just had two stores updated (rebuilt), complete with television, etc. These places are designed more for "sitting and chatting" than the old ones. We sit at the table under the wall-mounted television (which you can't hear anyway)...which is the direction alot of people are looking (of course). It's a good place to sit and do some Bible study. And we've had a few people just come up and approach us and ask questions. Yes, we have tracts with us and, yes, they are happy to take them (they are from Living Waters, after all!). It took some time to get used to this because in my youth (early 70's) I worked at a McDonald's here in town (one that was recently rebuilt) and I'd clean tables periodically....and more than once I was told to advise loitering customers to either buy something or leave. Not so any more because they have to compete with Starbucks and all these other places that are built around being social.

That's good for evangelism!

Remember, James tells us that faith that doesn't provide for the physical needs of another (when we have the means to help) is dead faith. How true this is for spiritual needs as well!

The next step: develop a slide presentation that includes the message at and let it run on the laptop while we sit (There is even an electrical outlet there). As you know, anytime someone sees a computer screen, they tend to be very curious what is there. Why not use that tendency to expose them to the Gospel?

Hmmm. I wonder if I can get the video from my laptop onto the big screen TV on the wall?

Hang out like this to do your study. No, it's not "showing off". It's making yourself available. And if no one approaches you, what have you lost? Nothing! You've spent time in God's Word!

But in any case, don't let inertia keep you on the sidelines. Get out there!

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