Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Dangers of Contemplative Prayer

As many of you know, I recently left the Baptist General Conference. Part of the reason I did this is because of the inroads made in the denomination (among others) by emergent "theologian" Erwin McManus at Bethel Seminary. Indeed, like many denominations, they are embracing this "teacher" as legitimate. As his falsehoods saturate the church, you'll hear more about "contemplative prayer".

From Christian Worldview Network...

hurches pushing contemplative prayer, best-selling "Christian" authors push contemplative prayer. What is contemplative prayer and why is it dangerous? A former New Ager tells us in this 16 minute interview with Brannon Howse. Pass this on to your friends so they can be warned and warn others that this is sweeping through churches along with "Christian" yoga."

Click here to listen now. and consider yourself warned.

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