Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rick Warren: Saddleback’s Purpose Driven Censors Didn’t Spin Fast Enough

Christian Research Network has supplied a spin piece from Warren's web site --- which has since been pulled. Regardless of Warren's "" website, in which Warren openly states that he is Rupert Murdoch's pastor, the spin article claims this is all false.

Here is the article from CRN:

"Christian Research Net readers will recall a piece here yesterday called Rick Warren: Saddleback Response to Murdoch/Porn Issue Suddenly Disappears! In it I pointed out that before the long arm of the Saddleback censors reached out to gobble it up Ingrid Schlueter over at Slice of Laodicea had provided the link from A Rick Warren Blog which contained Saddleback "Chief of Staff" David Chrzan’s response to the newstory Murdoch’s porn pastor gets heat for mogul’s porn channels by World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah. A response that Saddleback "Spin Doctor" Mark Kelly had called, "a forceful reply to Joseph Farah of World Net Daily."

Well, it turns out that in this case the Saddleback censors simply didn’t spin fast enough because here is the link to a screen shot of Mark Kelly’s Saddleback "hit piece" No Incentive for Checking facts as it originally appeared in the public domain of the Internet yesterday. One really has to wonder; why was Kelly forced to take it down? Could it actually be that Rick Warren and Saddleback decided to discipline one of their own in Mark Kelly for spreading lies about Joseph Farah of WND and Chris Rosebrough and me here at CRN? Stay tuned as I’ll have more on this later."

Here we go again. Just like the video taken in Syria, which Warren said didn't exist, which he then showed at his political summit at Saddleback.

Yeah, I trust Rick Warren.

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