Sunday, May 06, 2007

Emergency Surgery

Right now, I'm sitting in room 215 of St. Mary OSF hospital. Mom was admitted today. She became ill yesterday and very sick to her stomach. Enough said. We took her to the *other* hospital last night and they gave her some meds for nausea, then sent her home.

Today she was very weak and fell twice at home while my wife and I were at church. My sister called and told me that she was getting no answer. Turns out she was on the floor. We got her to the OSF emergency room and she is preparing to come out of surgery for a strangulated hernia. She was very dehydrated and weak, but things look better now. I'm debating going into work tomorrow. In view of losing my father this past November, I was especially concerned about this. I'm in the room she will be in for the next few days, waiting for her to arrive.

Thank you for your prayers.

Our Way of the Master class started this evening, although I was supposed to be there. The Lord has been so good to me. It has been two years that I've been trying to get a WOTM study group together. Recently, we have been led to another area church that I didn't even know existed. It is smaller but I see more evidence of real conversions there. I've been there only four times now and have found a core group that wants to take the Way of the Master course. They really are interested in reaching the lost. Really good fellowship, and none of the 'seeker' drivel.

Funny how mom's incident was today. The enemy just wanted me to cancel that class. But I'm sure they will do fine without me this week.

The Lesson: Be faithful. Stay faithful. I was reflecting on how I've been struggling to get the class going. I was really frustrated with things then decided to get my tools ready and trust the Lord to give me opportunities. He has done that. I praise God for that. And I believe I am where I belong. That is precious.


Mike said...

I'll be in prayer for ya, and your mum.
a bit of advice. Take the day off work. Your job will always be there and family has to come first.

Tim Brown said...

Thank you Mike. She's in her room, sleepy but resting well. At least the worst is apparently over. I called work and my administrator (I work at a nursing home) who attends the same church I do said she was just getting ready to call me and check up on things. That meant tons to me.

Anyway, she also encouraged me to take the day to spend with mom, so I'm off work tomorrow.

Thanks for your kindness, and your prayers.