Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Rabbi, where are you staying?"

Just a while ago, I was reading through the first chapter of John. When I hit these words, I found them very familiar. Clearly, the statement shows a desire to know where Jesus dwells and be there. There were lots of "dwellings" that our Lord could have stayed in, but didn't.

In our day, there are lots of "dwelling places" that know not God. People who profess to be Christians but aren't. Even in our churches, so many of us find ourselves wanting to seek out those we perceive to be true converts. We value their fellowship. We welcome them as we would Christ Himself.

This has been a common effort for me in our seeker-sensitive, false gospel days.

As I thought of this, I found 1 John coming to mind. John told his readers how to discern the true from the false. Tests including belief and practice. Tests regarding beliefs about Christ, the practice of God's love and obedience to God's Word.

Does the person profess Jesus as the Messiah? Does the person continue to purify him or herself, or are they content in their flesh? The true "dwelling place of God" will show signs of Who lives there.

Let us be discerning in these days of compromise.

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