Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Testimony - Jason's freedom from Homosexuality/Gluttony

From "I'll Be Honest", a website dedicated to the Glory of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

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Mimmy's Thoughts said...

Jason's testimony almost breaks my heart. A very dear friend of mine struggled with the sin of homosexuality since his sexual abuse at age 6 by an older neighbor boy (and also the boy's sister).

I have watched the struggle, the lies, the false conversion, and am now starting to see genuine repentance and genuine conversion.

This is such an insidiously evil deception from Satan, and I notice that he always seems to plant it early, in children who have no defense.

So to Jason for giving his testimony to God's glory and grace...YAY Jason! And to others who may be struggling with this sin in secret....you don't have to. Not all Christians are so callous and shallow as to make fun of you or turn you away...and you can bet that when you repent and surrender to Jesus Christ, He WILL give you a new heart and new desires, to serve Him with and as a witness to His power and His glory for His Kingdom .

May God bless Jason in his obedience to the Lord, and may He use all of Jason's life as a witness for His Kingdom, and for the redemption of many.