Friday, January 09, 2009

And Now, The New "World Teacher"

I won't say much for this, except to say that it has to do with "Maitreya" who is alleged to be the new "world teacher". Could this be part of the "strong delusion" that the Lord will send (2 Thessalonians)? Could be. But make sure in Whom you have trusted.

My main point in posting this is to suggest that this presents an open door to evangelism. The web site allows comments, so why not take advantage of it? We sow seeds and trust God with the results.

Here's what I sent:

"The Bible tells us that one day, the world will unite under one government, one religion and one economy. It will last for a few years, then will be destroyed at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ who will judge all things according to His own Righteousness. The one called the Antichrist and all those who follow him will be cast into the lake of fire, where they will spend eternity.

2 Thessalonians tells us that in the latter days, God will send a "powerful delusion" to those who refuse to believe the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ. Is Maitreya part of this? I don't know. I only know one thing...The only "Teacher" I'm interested in is Jesus Christ. The God Who created the heavens and Earth. He's the One who died for my sin and teaches me through His Word, the Bible. It gives us all we need for life and Godliness. Through its pages we can be transformed from death unto life. There is no other Name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

Warning: Do you think you're a good person? Good enough to enter heaven? God gave us Ten Commandments for a reason! Ever told a lie? What would that make you? A it would me! Have you ever stolen anything? I don't care how small it is or was or how long ago, if you have stolen anything that makes you a thief before God because He has said "You shall not steal". Ever hated anyone? Jesus said "You've heard it said that you shall not kill, but I say to you that if you hate someone you've committed murder in your heart"! And haven't you ever lusted for someone? That makes you and I guilty of adultery. So, wouldn't that make you a lying, thieving murderous adulterer before a HOLY God? It does me! And God is JUST and must punish sin! That means eternity in Hell! It is appointed for a man to die, then comes the judgment. And there will be no parole, and no lightening of the sentence. God is a JUST and HOLY GOD. But God is also loving. And because He is loving he sent Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, to live the perfect life that satisfies God's Law. But then he gave Himself over to suffer God's infinite, Holy wrath. 2 Corinthians 5:21 says "He Who knew no sin became sin for us that we may become the righteousness of God". He paid a debt for you that He did not owe in order to pay a debt you could never pay. The Just Judge came around to your side of the bench and payed the penalty for you. That is how God Loved you and me. And he did it without distorting or surrendering his justice. In return, He commands all to repent (turn from sin and unbelief) and put their trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Turn from your sin and trust in what He did...just like a man would trust in a parachute before jumping from a plane....because one day *YOU* will make the jump into eternity."

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