Friday, November 02, 2007

Hybels on Biblical Starvation
Or, "Hybels on Bibles"

For those of you who haven't the time or the strong stomach to listen to Bill Hybels' clip from yesterday's entry, here's what I see as the most sickening part of what this "pastor" had to say.

He said that the "dedicated Christians" (Uhm, those would be real converts, Bill), are "complaining" that they aren't "being fed". His argument had been that they should be "self feeders" (true, but then the job of a "real" pastor is, in part, to feed the sheep under him, right Bill?).

Anyway, listen to this clip to hear a focused statement by Bill Hybels', showing his attitude toward believers who want to "be fed" (not to mention his attitude toward the Scriptures). Was he using humor? Yes, sick humor. But if he really didn't think this way, would he be using it as material for laughs?

Uhmmm, pastors who follow this guy? Do You Finally Get It?

Hand me the barf bag. Please!

For those of you who know pastors and other leaders who don't "get it", please send them here. I think my shoulders are broad enough and I'll take the flack. But this message has got to get out.

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pastorbrianculver said...

that" his finest moment??? pretty scary, isn't it? And to think, once upon a time, I actually went and wanted to go listen to this guy preach (you know, back when "I" was a pastor -- of course, I wasn't saved at the time!) I hope all pastor's who are following this guy will finally see the light! Keep up the good work Tim, and as always, Way of the Master!