Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Summary of Calvin’s Interpretation of Scripture

Yes, it's been a while. Still fighting my cold. And frankly I have also been fighting "posting things to post things". I won't do that. After a while, posting the shinanigans of the "heretic of the week" gets old and, well, I think misses the point.

Just found an article that caught my eye, and I think it might be of interest to you. Much of it reminds me of the principles I learned under John MacArthur so many years ago at what used to be Logos Bible Institute.

My prayer is that this article will be found useful by many. Knowing the principles of hermeneutics is an excellent way to keep one's self safe from "the heretic of the week"!

Oh! I would like to add this link to the Christian Classics Etherial Library. You can buy the CD from them or view it online for free. Either way, there is lots of good reading and reference material there.

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