Monday, February 19, 2007

The Gospel According to Oprah

"There can't be just one way", says Oprah Winfrey. Then watch as her pontification is openly challenged -- and then she states "she can't get into a religious argument". Uh, Oprah? That's what you were just weren't winning.

As an "objection" to the exclusivity of the Gospel, Oprah brings up the old "What about those who haven't heard the message?" I wish someone would have just said "You've heard the truth Oprah, and what will you do with it?"


ann_in_grace said...

I believe I posted on the same tune here.

David Dansker said...

Hi Tim,

They just don't want to hear "one way" to the Father; it just too exclusive, it doesn't allow for a variation of their way. That is what most other ways are amalgams of: have it your way, mixed with a little of our way, and you're fine. What they don't understand about "fine" is this: Christ is the rock, if you fall upon Him you are broken unto repentance, but if he falls upon you, you will be ground as fine as powder and blown away like chafe in the wind.

Thanks for keeping the fire at your end, will stop by often (actually, I already do),


Tim Brown said...

Thanks for the encouragement. It gets tiring when you feel you can't do anything practical about things.

But God is still in control.