Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rick Warren: Cone of Shame Award...

From "The Lawman Chronicles", I pass the following on to you....:

"Warren spoke yesterday to the annual Islamic Society of North America convention, in Washington, DC. Sadly, as expected, Warren failed to share the gospel. That, in and of itself, merits Warren's dubious distinction as a "Cone of Shame" recipient.

Reading several media reports regarding Warren's address, it appears that Warren continues to slide down the sinful and unbiblical slope of ecumenism and pluralism, as Warren unashamedly promotes his social gospel agenda.

Warren is quoted as saying, "I am commanded to love and I am commanded to respect everybody."

What Warren fails to realize is that the most loving thing he could have done for the thousands of lost people gathered to hear him speak was to speak the truth in love--to call Muslims to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rick Warren, you don't love people as much as you claim to. If you truly loved Muslims you would lay down your secular popularity for the furtherance of the gospel. You would put their eternal destiny before your social agenda.

Sadly, Rick Warren belongs in the "Cone of Shame" because he continues to prove that false conversion begins in the pulpit, not in the pew."

Amen, Tony!

By the way, a "cone of shame enhancer" can be found here...Seems that "christian" "pastor" Warren doesn't have a problem afilliating with those who act forcefully against those investigating Islamic radicalism...Way to go Rick! At least now, some of your previously blinded followers might just wake up!

A quote from the above source: "Dave Gaubatz, a former Air Force special agent who has traveled the country investigating radical Islamist mosque and attempts at imposing Shariah law in the U.S., was forcibly removed from the conference after paying the $100 attendance fee. "

Hey, Rick? How do you defend a so-called "christian" and as a so-called "pastor"?

The source for Tony's article is here. Thank you, Tony!

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