Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Canadian "Tolerance" on Display

From Lighthouse Trails Research:

"Source: Miscellaneous News Source

LTRP Note: The following report is regarding MacGregor Ministries, whom Lighthouse Trails Research has linked to for many years.

BC, Canada: LORRI MacGREGOR, co-founder along with her husband Keith of MacGregor Ministries a Christian counter-cult apologetics organization in British Columbia, Canada, will address the theme: "CANADA GAGS THE GOSPEL." The Canadian Government will not allow any critiques of other religions. You can be any religion you want as long as you do nothing but promote your own religion. In Lorri & Keith's case, in addition to presenting the Christian religion, they were responding to attacks on Christianity.

MacGregor Ministries carefully documented these attacks and responded to them from a biblical perspective, in a respectful and even kind manner. To their knowledge, none of the groups attacking Christianity through their websites or magazines got taken to task, only MacGregor Ministries! At the same time, they present sound, biblical, Christian doctrine, which promotes the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is, of course, their purpose. They were told they had to present all religions as equal, could not be "persuasive" regarding Christianity over others, and had to get rid of their website and magazine. Their presentation of the Christian gospel through their DVD's and printed matter was ruled "uncharitable" and their careful critique of others in defense of Christian doctrine was called "hate". Since they could not compromise their faith, they had to ask that they Charity status be voluntarily revoked.Click here to read this entire report."

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