Friday, September 28, 2007

Warning! Plugging Your Ears Will Not Change The Truth!

So, ya say ya notice yer church isn't exactly "on fire" for God? Ya say ya got yer basic indifference to evangelism? Are they stuck on "praying about it"? Or maybe they don't even pray about it...Huh? Are ya all frustrated, filled with gloom and doom?

Well, here ya go! Dry those eyes and get movin! We'll even provide the plan...!

Go here and get these...pass them out to those faithful few (very few) to wear as reminders of the very sheets that the others are probably ignoring....You say "what sheets? We don't need no stinkin' sheets!" Yes, you need these stinkin' sheets! Print them, I say! Stack them high!

While you're at it, maybe get some of these for the "faithful few" too...

Fly, my monkeys, FLY!

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