Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Richard Baxter's Practical Works

I love the works of the Puritans. One of the first books I read by a Puritan, without even knowing it was by a puritan was "Today's Gospel -- Authentic or Synthetic" by Walter Chantry, back in 1983 while I was at Grace Church. I remember opening it while I was still in bed and not getting up until I finished reading it.

And that was back when I just thought I was a Christian.

In today's world, the church has so psychologized the Gospel and the Christian Life that it is a faith that is foreign to the Scriptures. Everything, and I mean everything is oriented around man and his "felt needs". The truth has become so diluted as to be comparable to giving an aspirin to a man dying of severe arsenic poisoning.

But man needs the real antidote.

So I recommend the following read which can be viewed from "Christian Classics Etherial Library" Here is a book by Richard Baxter ("The Christian Directory") which knows nothing but the scriptures. No pop psychology, just Biblical thinking.

You may need to log in to read it or download it, but registration is free.

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