Saturday, January 19, 2019

Abolish Human Abortion...unplugged...

So, make no mistake about it, I'm for the immediate ending of abortion. But this is no way to go about doing it. Fighting against the Body Of Christ for not meeting your organization's imaginary standards.

What they do is take the words of James in James 1:27...regarding "pure and undefiled religion"...replace "widows and orphans" with "the unborn"...then raise the bar so high that no-one can satisfy the definition of "pure and undefiled". And they will admit that they don't measure up themselves...but you better do more. And, of course, they don't do anything for actual widows and orphans...which the text actually mentions.

Physician, heal thyself. You figure out how much has to be done before God is pleased with you (Uhm, grace?) and then worry about others, ok?

They love picketing local churches. No matter how active in ending abortion that church may be. Doesn't matter.

...And now, they have turned their sights on R.C. Sproul's church.

Let Reformation Charlotte inform you....

Mark them. Avoid them. If you wish to be a part of a legit group in the effort to end abortion, I'd highly recommend "Babies are Murdered Here".

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